2017-10-08 Petra to the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Resort & Plaza Hotel, Jordan

This morning we checked out of our hotel, the Petra Guest House and Sammie our driver while in Jordan was there to collect us to continue our journey to the next port of call
After leaving the hotel and the township of Wadi Musa, which is where we stayed, we continue north to Little Petra. At an elevated lookout we stop to view the ancient site of Petra where we spent a full day sightseeing yesterday
Petra is such an extensive site that in a day or even a few days one is unable to see all the incredible monuments which total at about 800 and covers about 100 square kms
We continue travelling north for a few kms winding through the rocky hills
After approximately 8 kms we near the smaller ancient site known as Little Petra
Little Petra which is also known as Siq al-Barid, is a small archaeological site located north of the larger Petra which has become one of the ‘7 Wonders of the World’. Consisting of three wider open areas, Little Petra is also a Nabataean site, with buildings carved into the walls of the sandstone canyons however on a much smaller scale
Quite near to the souvenir tents  and the entrance of the Little Petra site is a well preserved small temple which is one of the main structures visited here
We love our occasional selfies!!!
Nearby, with the access virtually from the car park, we enter the Siq al-Barid by walking through  a narrow entrance between two large rocks. The 400 m long  Siq is also known as the Cold Canyon
The Triclinium situated in one of the open areas of the Siq and is one of the most photographed and well known structures at Little Petra. It is believed it was used as a temple at one stage
A local Bedouin gentleman entertains the few visitors that come to Little Petra by playing the traditional single stringed instrument called the Rebab using a horsehair bow
In the biclinium or dining room of this dwelling, a very well preserved painted ceiling was discovered recently hidden under nearly 2000 years of dirt and grime

In ancient times most structures and caves in Little Petra were actually tunneled out further and used as dwellings

As we arrive near the end of the Siq, how could we not go any further after reading this handmade sign………
After climbing several steps and squeezing through a narrow gap between two tall rock faces we arrive at the open dwelling of a very relaxed young Bedouin man
Explaining to us in English, the friendly young man tells us he lives here and enjoys the visitors that come everyday……the visitors buy some drinks and some souvenirs and often sit and chat too….he told us he never gets lonely…..what a life!!!!!
Continuing further to see the view we come across another young man enjoying a similar lifestyle……
Finally we see the so named….the best view in the world!!!!
We return back through the Siq and meet a couple of other visitors also enjoying Little Petra
Our Bedouin gentleman poses for yet another photo with his traditional instrument..the Rebab

After departing Little Petra we follow a windy road heading north

As we continue driving towards the Dead Sea we continue heading downhill
The land here is very arid and rocky and lacks much vegetation
The scenery we travel through is quite spectacular

We pass the Dead Sea Works  which is the world’s fourth-largest producer and supplier of potash products. The company also produces magnesium chloride, industrial salts, de-icers, bath salts, table salt, and raw materials for the cosmetic industry
Salt…… as far as the eye can see as we near the Dead Sea

We pass through Ghor Al-Haditha a small town at the south eastern end of the Dead Sea
The town is very close to one of the lowest points on earth
This is the southern most point of the infamous Dead Sea which at water level is the lowest dry land on Earth at approximately 413 m below sea level
The size of the Dead Sea is approximately 605 sq m with a length of north to south of around 50 kms
As we drive up the eastern coast of the Dead Sea we stop at Mudi Wajeb, a Biosphere Reserve

Finally we approach our accommodation for tonight at the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Resort which is situated on the north eastern coast
Most of the resort hotels of this area are positioned directly beside the famous Dead Sea
After checking in we were shown to a very pleasant and comfortable room
It was fabulous to have an outside sitting area and a quite private lawn in front of our room facing the water
The hotel has several swimming pools and the pool for adults only is situated on the lower level and is accessed by stairs or a lift
After quickly settling into the hotel, we decided to head straight down and finally tick, ‘floating in the famous Dead Sea’ off our bucket list!!
It didn’t take Ric long to get in for the one in a life time experience!!
I decide to join the other guests and try the mineral-rich black mud all over which is believed to be therapeutic and good for the skin
No question about going underwater here……was tempted to taste the water however changed my mind thinking about the recent stomach issues in Amman!!!
Ric’s turn for the face & body treatment!!!
After we had enough of the sand, mud and salty water, we washed down and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and relaxing around the fabulous infinity pool overlooking the sea

In the evening before dinner we take a stroll around the quite spacious hotel
Another couple of swimming pools which cater more for families are situated in the centre of the large complex
Tonight we try some local dishes in the Jordanian restaurant on a rooftop building in the hotel complex

We shared all the small local dishes and enjoyed each one of them…….and of course the Jordanian wine was great too

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