2017-10-02 Hotel Carlemany, Girona, Spain

Our accommodation in Girona, Hotel Carlemany
The Onyar River which flows through Girona seems to be very low at the moment
After the drizzle we had last night it is great to see what a beautiful day we have today to do some sightseeing in Girona
It didn’t take Ric long to find an icecream parlour!!

We follow the narrow ancient streets heading towards the Cathedral which we saw last night on our way to dinner
We arrive at the Girona Cathedral which is situated in the heart of Forca Vella. It is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona and is a Roman Catholic church
We get our morning exercise walking up the many stairs to the entrance of the Cathedral
The Cathedral was consecrated‎ in ‎1038 and built between the 11th and 18th Centuries so it consists of several different styles, with the facade and steps being of the Baroque style.
The Cathedral’s most singular feature is its large Gothic nave (15th-16th centuries) which, at a width of 23 metres, is the widest of its kind in the world

The Cloisters are of the Romanesque style
We visit the Museu Tresor by the Cathedral

As we left the Cathedral the small tourist train was parked at the bottom of the steps so we decided to jump aboard and have a trip around the town
The train took us through narrow streets, over bridges along the river and past cafes

Many signs were displayed around the town about the Catalan independence
Once back at the Cathedral we got off the train and continued our sightseeing
Esglesia de Sant Feliu, the Collegiate Church of St. Felix is a basilica dedicated to St. Felix 

We head to the Onyar River to see the stunning brightly coloured houses lining the shores
Certainly a photographers dream!!!

With very little breeze the reflections of the houses are almost like a mirror
Several walkways span the river to make crossing easier

We stop for a well earned coffee
Stunning old riverside houses

The Eiffel Bridge was built by Gustave Eiffel, who is better known for his Tower in Paris. This bridge is also known as Pont de les Peixateries Velles
We return to our hotel to have a rest before dinner later in the evening
At 8.30 pm we set off to find a restaurant to have dinner and came across numerous people out in the streets supporting the Catalan independence

We arrive at the Umai Japanese Restaurant in Plaça de Josep Pla i Casadevall
Arriving early at 8.45 pm we were fortunate enough to secure a table without a booking
We order some Saki and shortly afterwards our amazing dumplings arrive
……..followed by the magnificently presented special sushi
Slowly more patrons arrive filling the restaurant

The teriyaki beef dish was outstanding
……..as was the light and delicious dessert
We really enjoyed our experience at Umai here in Girona


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