2017-09-24 Cala Tarida, Abiza Island to Bahai de Alfacs, Spain

This morning we left Carla Tarida on the west coast of Ibiza Island at approximately 4.30 am while still dark to make the 105 nautical mile journey to Sant Carles de la Rapita on the Spanish mainland. At 7.20 am signs of sunrise start appearing and in the far distance one can see a faint outline of Ibiza 
At 7.45 am the sun starts appearing over the water
At 7.47 am we have sunrise…..which looked identical to the sunset we experienced in Cala Tarida last night!!
One of very few boats we encountered on our journey
We decide to detour off our course to visit a small group of islands called Illes Columbretes
Conditions for our long 12+ hour journey today are absolutely perfect
The Illes Columbretes come into clearer view
A number of small dangerous rocks are scattered in the vicinity of the larger Islands
The largest of the islands has a horseshoe shape and if the conditions are calm, yachts and motorboats often moor here overnight
Looking back to the other small rocky island
We approach the large island of the Illes Collumbretes

A few boats are on anchor here at the moment

After many more hours of travelling we see the first glimpses of our destination

Approaching the huge sandbar that protects the Bahai de Alfacs, the large lagoon of the Ebro Delta
Finally we arrive after more than 12 hours of motoring from Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands. We decide to have our last night out on anchor before taking the Tangaroa into the marina where we will prepare her for winter storage
The floating restaurant in the Bahai de Alfacs is a popular venue for lunch which is accessible only by boat or ferry
The magnificent back drop for Sant Carles de la Rapita is the incredible mountain range called Serra del Montsià
Good sea breeze this afternoon for sailing
By chance we drop anchor near acquaintances we met In Sant Carles de la Rapita 3 months ago

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