2017-09-23 Es Torrent to Cala Tarida, Abiza Island

Another beautiful day in a beautiful bay
The flights have started arriving bringing more visitors to the island
Mid morning we decide to continue further up the coast passing Cap Llentrisca
Once around the point we see the two offshore islands of Es Vedranell and Isla de es Vendra

Spectacular Cap Blanc on the south west coast
A wave from the skipper of a yacht Ric had befriended when they had anchor problems in the previous overnight anchorage
The white houses on Punta des Moros
We pass by Cala Tarida
Continuing north up the west coast we meet a fleet of yachts in a sailing race

The lighthouse, Faro de Sa Conillera on Illa sa Conillera
We make our way towards the larger port of San Antonio to fuel up the Tangaroa as we plan to travel all the way back to Sant Carles de Rapita leaving early in the morning
2000 years ago San Antonio was a tiny fishing village and today a busy port with numerous multi storied buildings however a population of under 25,000
As soon as we had fueled up the boat we headed back south to one of the pleasant anchorages we had passed on the way
We pass the popular Platja de Comte with it’s amazing busy beach, clear water and interesting restaurant and bar
Time and Space Sculptures by Andrew Rogers on the shore by Cala Llentia
We arrive back in Cala Tarida where we have spent time at the beginning of our trip

We drop our anchor in beautiful turquoise water and both of us couldn’t wait to dive in!!!
Someone having fun on a Jetpack
Plenty of fabulous restaurants ashore in Carl Tarida
The restaurant with the best view and best eye fillet steaks tonight is aboard the good ship Tangaroa
The Cotton Beach Club has a function on the terrace this evening

An amazing sunset tonight
Carla Tarida is quite a spectacular, yet busy anchorage on Ibiza

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