2017-09-17 Porto Colom to Cala Mondrago, Mallorca Island

This morning it is hard to believe we are still in the same bay as everything looks so different when the sky is clear and the sun is shining
Looking towards the Church of Sant Juame in the old part of the town of Porto Colom
We decide to leave the port and make the most of the beautiful day
We head towards the entrance of the port with the conspicuous lighthouse on the northern side
On the southern side of the entrance to Porto Colom are some quite substantial elegant homes
We continue in a southerly direction down the east coast of Mallorca
We pass some extraordinary dwellings on the attractive rocky coastline
The beaches today are crowded after having a few days of very cool and wintry weather
Houses seem to be built so close to the cliff faces along this shoreline

Some of the stunning houses are set back surrounded by lush beautiful vegetation

Many yachts set off from the many marinas to sail in the wonderful warm conditions today

We arrive at Cala Mondrago a very popular bay with lovely two beaches
As we arrive into the very busy bay a yacht was departing so we were able to quickly drop our anchor and acquire a good spot
The beach on the northern side of the bay seems quite crowded
A day tripper boat leaves the bay with a number of passengers aboard
At the southern end of the bay is the other beach which is equally as crowded as the other one
The turquoise coloured water is quite stunning here in Cala Mondrago
So many people in the water enjoying the wonderful day
More and more people seem to be arriving at both beaches

A welcome sunset after a wonderful day of swimming and relaxing in the sun
Fresh pasta and a delicious freshly cooked tomato based sauce for dinner tonight!!

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