2017-09-14 Marina Alcudiamar, Port d’Alcudia to Porto Colom, Mallorca Island

We wake up to a lovely clear day in Marina Alcudiamar
Although the weather today will be great however the forecast for the following few days is not looking so good. We decide to leave the marina and continue down the coast and find a safe anchorage where we can stay for a few days
We make our way out of the popular marina passing rows and rows of large motor boats
There are still quite a few tourists taking the opportunity to have a day out on the water on one of the glass bottom boats
Looking back to the port of Alcudia
We see a water boat doing a few practice runs picking up water and dumping it’s load. During the bush fire season these planes play a vital part in fighting the fires
…………shortly afterwards the plane drops it’s load of water in the bay
Passing amazing scenery and a few small towns such as Son Serra de Marina and Colonia de Sant Peres as we cross the large bay, Badia D’Alcudia
Looking toward Cap Farrutx the north eastern point of Mallorca
Great scenery all around this island
Once around the point we continue south east down the coast
In the distance we see Cap des Freu with the rocky island of Faralló d’Albarça in the foreground

Approaching the spectacular turquoise blue bay of Cala Dentol
Time to enjoy the sunshine and swim in one of the most beautiful and secluded bays on the island
There is a walking track along the coastline here and while in the bay we saw a few energetic walkers passing by
Nearby is Torre d’Aubarca with a few walkers resting in the shade at the base of the ancient lookout

Time to continue on our journey
Next we pass Cala Estreta
One of the busiest resorts in Mallorca is Cala Mesquida
Although late in the season, the beach at Cala Mesquida is still very crowded with visitors
Continuing down the east coast of Mallorca we pass numerous bays with lovely beaches
Cala Ratjada the rugged eastern point of Mallorca
We pass the former early 20th Century mansion, Sa Torre Cega which overlooks Cala Ratjada. The gardens and interior are apparently popular for visitors  all year around
Many sandy beaches on the east coast are flanked by large hotels accommodating the many tourists ever year
Cala Magraner is another stunning bay with a white sandy beach
Tourists are able to visit the secluded beaches by the many day tripper boats operating in the area
Quaint towns with brightly painted houses cluster around the many beaches and bays on the popular east coast of Mallorca
The attractive lighthouse at the entrance to Porto Colom where we intend spending a few days
Overlooking the port are some beautiful houses

Fortunately when we arrived in the large sheltered port there were many spare mooring buoys available for visiting boats
Once we arranged a mooring buoy for a few days, we then secured the Tangaroa and took the dinghy and went ashore to explore the town
Late afternoon is a great time of day to go ashore
Porto Colom was originally a small fishing village however it still retains the charm at the northern end of the port, despite becoming a resort town in recent years
The northern end of the port still has the quaintness of the past
Rows of small identical Menorquin llauts line the shore

We spot the Tangaroa moored in the bay
Fishing is still a major industry of the town

Very friendly shop owner of Marie Theres Schmuckdesign recommends a local seafood restaurant we should try for dinner
We arrive at Sa Sina, a good local seafood restaurant
Ric orders a Mallorcan Syrah
We try a couple of the local freshly shucked oysters
……followed by a beautifully cooked fish baked in a salt crust with plenty of vegetables to accompany our lovely dish
While enjoying our dinner we could feel the change in weather coming. Fortunately we made it safely back to the boat before the wind got stronger and the rain arrived!!

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