2017-09-13 Marina Alcudiamar, Port d’Alcudia, Mallorca Island

Birthday boy!! 70 today!!
A wonderful sunny day today so we decide to leave the marina and go for a day of sightseeing around the area and to the old town nearby
Schmick marina!!
The beach adjacent to the marina is a great place to spend the today for many of the visitors to the town
We depart the marina on our bikes as we plan to ride to the old town of Alcudia which is a few klms inland

The promenade at Port d’Alcudia
We head off towards the old town of Alcudia
We approach the old town and arrive at the Gate of the City Walls
The town is surrounded by a well preserved 14th Century medieval wall
Small cafes and restaurants are scattered all over the lovely old town
The area of Alcudia is well known to have been inhabited since the bronze age. Some of the houses in the old town date back to the 13th Century and are still very well preserved for their age

The long and narrow well kept and clean streets of Alcudia
Church of St. Jaume

Beside the walled town are the remains of an old Roman town built when the Romans captured the island in 123 BC

We cycle back to the roundabout with the unusual sculpture which took us back to the port town of Alcudiamar
The beaches along the coast here stretch for miles and is a very popular tourist destination for families

Overlooking the marina
After our energetic day out on the bikes we arrive back at the marina

In the evening we catch a taxi from the marina to take us to Ric’s special birthday dinner
The restaurant I booked for tonight is the Jardin Restaurant

Venus ‘La Universal 2012  D.O. Monstat, our wine served with our dinner
An interesting starter
Sea cucumber, duck, aubergine
White prawn, grilled fig and spinach
Lobster brioche with pickled glasswort and lemon balm

Lamb’s sweetbreads and figs
Home made bread
Cuttlefish with scarlet shrimp
Grilled John Dory with its own pil-pil sauce and flageolets
Stewed morey eel with chickpeas and peanuts
Pigeon mortar with peach and sage
Grilled pigeon breast with stewed xeixa burballes
Spiced pumpkin with lavender milk and walnuts
Molino Real 2012     D.O.  Malaga
Gin and lemon frost on melon seed cream
Pine nut gateau, pine nuts horchata and pine tree ice cream
Marvelous chocolates to finish the dinner

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