2017-09-12 Puerto de Ciutadella, Menorca Island to Marina Alcudiamar, Alcudia, Mallorca Island

The wind was still strong this morning and a black motor boat was having all sorts of problems reversing the boat into the berth nearby, which naturally attracted numerous onlookers!!
Although the wind had some strength which lessened by lunch time and was behind us, we decided to leave the port to make the crossing to Mallorca
Goodbye to the wonderful Port de Ciutadella
Reluctantly we leave as we really enjoyed our visit to Ciutadella
We head towards the Club Nautic building and out to the entrance to the port

We pass some the wonderful houses lining the shores of the elegant port
Yachts arriving and departing Puerto de Ciutadella
Approaching the lighthouse on the western entrance to the port
……and Castell de Sant Nicolau on the eastern side
As we depart the port we head in a south westerly direction to the north coast of Mallorca
Looking back to the lovely houses along the foreshore that I photographed a few days ago during my walk along this area of the town
Nearby is Cala Blanes, west of the entrance to the Ciutadella harbour

Cala Forcat stands out due to the large resort hotel built out on the point
With the breeze behind us we leave the coast of Menorca
As the wind had been fairly strong for a few days the waves were bigger than we expected
Well into our trip, due to the rough conditions our dinghy which was securely fastened, broke loose from the swimming platform on the rear of our boat
Fortunately with life jackets on, Ric’s boating skills and my long arms and the boat hook, we somehow managed to retrieve the stranded dinghy in the 2 m sea
We managed to tie the old dinghy on a long line and decided if it flips we would not try to right it due to the safety issue!!

Finally we see the coast of Mallorca in the distance
We make our way towards our destination of Alcudia which is slightly south of the northern point of the Mallorcan coast

With zoom lens, in the distance we see the two chimneys which are not far from the marina
As we enter the large bay the sea conditions improve

We pass the lighthouse
…….the twin chimneys
…….and the cranes by the breakwater
Finally we arrive at Alcudiamar Marina, in Alcudia after our 4 hour trip from Menorca with dinghy still with us!!
The locals are out fishing as usual, seated at the entrance to the port ……
After contacting the marina office by radio we make our way to our reserved berth in the port
It was a nice relief to be safely settled in the marina for the night!!!

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