2017-09-11 Puerto de Ciutadella, Menorca Island

Another clear and beautiful clear day in Puerto de Ciutadella
We have decided to stay another day here in this lovely town  waiting for the right conditions to cross back to the island of Mallorca
Once again we go walking around this delightful town heading out to the harbour entrance, passing many lovely homes on the way

The town has well planned pathways following the harbour’s edge
As is with most waterside towns, fishing is a popular pastime for the locals
Looking across to the western entrance to the port
Ric dwarfed by the giant propeller out on the eastern harbour point
Nearby is the Castell de Nicolau

Looking out towards Mallorca in the south west
With the wind still fairly strong, and noticing how the boats in the visiting yacht quay were rocking from side to side, we were pleased we were able to secure a berth in the inner harbour!!

Passing more lovely houses on our way back
Looking up the harbour from the Club Nautic Bar were we stopped for a refreshment on our way back to the Tangaroa

Numerous small local Llauts lined up like soldiers along the port’s edges

Sounds good!!!
We arrive back at the Tangaroa as the sun is low in the evening sky

We have new neighbours move into the spot next to us in our absence
Last sun rays over Club Nautic 
Our Danish neighbours join us for a pre dinner drink

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