2017-09-10 Puerto de Ciutadella, Menorca Island

This morning the weather has been cool, windy and rainy at times
Finally the sun appeared in the afternoon which brought a few people out including us!!

We decide we needed some exercise so we set off for a leisurely stroll around the port
Steps lead up to the main square, Plaça d’es Born
We continue walking around the port crossing the small bridge
Looking to the inner port where many of the small local boats are housed
Continuing around the port we see the Tangaroa on the other side
Ric as usual makes friends with some people in the marina so I continue on and agree to meet him back at the boat later

Taking one of the streets to the upper level gave me the most outstanding views of the harbour

Deciding to follow the road and numerous other walkers and joggers, I continue out to the harbour entrance passing some quite amazing houses on the way
Passing  Cala d’en Busquetes with hardly a spare berth along the quays

I continued walking around the stunning harbourside inlets
Reaching the entrance to the harbour, the castle on the other shore stands out prominently
……..I then pass the lighthouse on the point
……..continue my walk passing several very old buildings
……a newly painted church
…….looking out to sea with Mallorca in the distance
……….amazing small holiday houses overlooking the water
……….  and quaint cottages with the typical Balearic Island bentwood gates

What a fabulous road with the most delightful houses and not to mention what a great place with amazing views to go for a walk !!
On the way back………..taking a detour to the edge of the cliff
………seeing some locals checking out the passers by!!


Passing one of the marinas situated in one of the prettiest small bays
Looking across to the Club Nautic offices and facilities
The old town comes into view with it’s wonderful architecture
Back to the beautiful Puerto de Ciutadella, one of the nicest ports we have visited in 7 years of cruising!!

The Gothic style Town Hall towers over the inner port with it’s wall to wall waterside restaurants
Everybody enjoying the wonderful late afternoon sun after such a bleak, cool and rainy beginning to the day!!

Lovely late afternoon sun!!
Always many interested people stopping to have a look at the Tangaroa, especially when they see the kangaroo on one of our many flags!!
El Bribon is a popular place to dine and also have drinks at sunset!!
A couple of young English visitors checking out the rather large fish in the harbour!!


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