2017-09-08 Cala Santa Galdana to Ciutadella, Menorca Island

Mid morning in Cala Santa Galdana
As we had already spent a few days in Cala Santa Galdana, we continue on our journey west along the southern coast of Menorca
Leaving the port, the limestone cliffs on the western side  glow in the bright morning sun
Cala Macarella is another good anchorage immediatlely west of Cala Santa Galdana
Cala Macarelleta is the adjacent bay which is part of the dual calas beside Cala Macarella
It is believed that in ancient times the two calas were used for hideouts for pirates
Today this area is overcome with tourists who walk the tracks from nearby tourist towns
Cala Turqueta, another beautiful bay of the area is full of energetic walkers, as the access is either by boat, walking from nearby towns or driving and walking for 10 to15 minutes
We pass the entrance to Cala de Tale another small inlet along this coast
We pass Cala Son Saura where we spent a couple of days recently

The entrance to Puerto Tamarinda, a small man made harbour, accessed by a narrow channel which is suitable only  for small boats
Once again we approach the lighthouse on the south western point of Menorca
Cute little fishing boats potter along this coast

We head north around the south west coast and see many people following the walking tracks along the miles of barren cliffs by the sea
Near the entrance to the 2nd major port of Menora, called Ciutadella, is Cala Degollador which is a small however convenient anchorage if the main port is very busy
It was great seeing our first Australian flag on a yacht ‘Champagne’ moored in the bay!!
As there was very little room for the Tangaroa in the bay, we decide to head towards the entrance to Ciutadella

On either side of the narrow channel leading to the old city of Ciutadella are many stunning houses

Moorings were available at the outer dock for the night
The delightful young man that came out to assist us from Club Nautico suggested we take a berth on the town quay. We were aware that the wind was due to be strong for a few days and being further in the harbour would be more comfortable, so we were pleased with his suggestion!!
Tangaroa well postioned in the main port of Ciutadella

We decide to stretch our legs and take a quick walk around the town
The town has some wonderful old buildings. On the ground floor to the left side of this lovely structure we found the information centre, which was useful for acquiring maps and naturally getting info on the area
Good views overlooking the harbour
A great balcony of a restaurant/bar hanging out by the port with amazing views of the long narrow harbour

Wonderful winding narrow cobbled streets greet us in the old town
Most of the houses and streets in the town are exceptionally well maintained

The main city square surrounded by classic old buildings

As we head back to the Tangaroa, which is berthed along the town quay, from the elevated old town we look towards the entrance of the narrow harbour
Looking up the narrow bay from the small bridge
So many wonderful bars and eateries situated by the water here in Ciutadella

Preparation for the evening is almost completed by the waiting staff of the waterside restaurants
A few patrons start arriving in some of the restaurants along the quay
Fortunaltely our position on the quay is towards the end of the line of restaurants
Looking out from the Tangaroa
Another splendid sunset!!

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