2017-09-05 Marina Mahon, Menorca Island

An amazing clear and hot day today and I reluctantly had to run up these steps to try to make it to the hairdresser on time!!!
Ric made the appointment for me at the hairdresser and gave me directions to continue past the hotel on the corner, then go left….go right … who knows!!!
Fortunately I made it just on time……..after asking a Spanish lady with no English!!!
After a couple of hours of hair treatment and a trim by Mother, daughter and son in law, I walked out a new woman!!
From the top of the stairs overlooking the Menorca Marina, the view out of the harbour was spectacular
I could also see the Tangaroa below berthed in the marina
Shops and restaurants line the street along the quay by the marina

After returning to the boat, Ric and I decide to do some more sightseeing around Mahon, this time by our E-bikes
We ride back along the port passing the many shops, restaurants and bars on the way

How different do all the photos look when there are clear blue skies!!

A different cruise ship is in port for the day today
A fisherman patiently mending his very long net!!

We ride as far as we can to the inner part of the port
We couldn’t believe how many Menorquins of all sizes (like the Tangaroa) were berthed in the Mahon harbour!!
After having a good look around the boats in the inner harbour we head back towards the main part of the town

The huge Church of Sant Francesc d’Assis stands out on the cliff overlooking the Mahon port

Many of the smaller towns of Spain and the Balearic islands have small tourist trains which is a great way of seeing the local sights without doing all the walking
We slowly ride up into the main square of the town
Ric poses in front  of the well photographed Església del Carme of Mahon

We ride down the delightful Camí des Castell

Riding back to the boat we see a row of Menorquins on a nearby pier
Before heading back to the Tangaroa we call into the local Menorquin dealer in Mahon to check out the new brochures on the latest boats being built!!
New acquaintances, John and Else join us aboard for drinks and pizza tonight


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