2017-09-06 Marina Mahon, Menorca Island

From our cockpit we have a great view of MV Menorca
Again we leave the boat to get some walking exercise around the town
So much for the exercise….. we discovered that there was a lift by the marina built into the rock face, that takes you up to the higher level where the town is situated (photo taken from the lift)
Great views from elevated road over the harbour

A newer version of our boat with a flybridge
Looking across to the old city which was built on high solid rock cliffs
Another cruise ship in for the day again
Looking back to the numerous boats moored along the town quay
Mahon relies mainly on tourism and with cruise ships arriving into port everyday they seem very well set up to cater for the visitors
A lone statue hides between a couple tree in one of the small town squares
By the most photographed church in town, on the left of the building is one of the entrances to the main city market
This is the other entrance to the market, which is housed in the original cloisters of the church
Numerous quaint shops selling local produce and handicrafts can be found in the market
Ric found a friend there!!!
The tourist train arrived just as we left the market so we decided to jump aboard
Admittedly the train took us past most of the places we had visited before however it was a nice bumpy experience!!

The train took us back along the town quay and past the marina
….and back up into the town in time to see the cruise ship disappear out of the harbour

Once we descended the train we headed towards Plaça de la Constitució where one of the first events of the annual festival, called Festes de Gracia was due to begin
By 6 pm there were crowds of people assembled waiting patiently for the procession of the giants to begin
At precisley 6.15pm as scheduled, musicians started playing and the giant figures started moving, taking it in turns spinning around and then continuing along to the delight of all the spectators
There were lots of families with small children enjoying the parade

Once all the giant figures went through the same motions, the procession through the streets began

Once we were back at the church we quickly went into the market and bought some supplies
………and headed back to the marina as we had a drinks engagement with our British friends aboard their boat
John and Else who were berthed along from us in their Swan 65, had prepared a delicious tapas dinner to have with our drinks this evening!!
What a wonderful selection of delicious tapas!!

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