2017-09-03 Cala Santa Galdana to Cala Taulera, Menorca Island

Morning in Cala Santa Galdana
Time for us to leave the lovely anchorage and move east along the coast

The real estate value on this property overlooking the sea in Cala Santa Galdana must have halved overnight with this rockfall !!!
Cala Mitjana the bay 2 kms east of Cala Santa Galdana
As we continue along the coast we pass many holiday hotel complexes in and around the popular town of Santo Tomas
Along this part of the southern coast of Menorca called Cabo de las Penas, the coastline consists of barren cliffs and numerous caves

The town of Carla Portè lies between high rocky cliffs with the hillside to the east and north covered by hotels, holiday homes, shops, cafes and restaurants
Along the cliffs on the eastern side of Cala Portè is a walkway and an entrance to Cova d’en Xeroni. These are a group of natural caves with openings to the cliffs and today unfortunately house a bar,restaurant and even a disco!!
Fishing along the coast in small Llaut boats is very common

We pass the quiet secluded resort town of Cala Canutells
Beside Es Canutells is Caparrot, a cluster of beautiful homes overlooking the sea however below in the immediate area there is a necropolis made up of 23 artificial or hypogeous caves  which have evidence that they were inhabited as far back as 1000 BC
Looking back to the amazing coastline with such an incredible history of prehistoric settlement
There are lots of secluded bays all along the coast that have access by track or by boat. Buoys have been placed in a line to protect the swimmers from boats when it is peak season in the Balearics
Motoring along the southern coastline of Menorca we pass many beautiful homes and holiday residences

An amazing apartment development overlooking Cala Fust
Nearby is a very popular anchorage with numerous laid buoys, called Cala de Binibeca
We stop for a moment in the bay and decide to continue on to find a more sheltered anchorage for an overnight stay as today’s conditions weren’t that  favorable here!!
We see some very modern houses by Punta Son Ganxo, which is almost at the south eastern tip of Menorca

The very low lying  Isla del Aire, situated a short distance off the south eastern coast
Torre de Son Ganxo
Once around the south eastern point of Menorca we continue up the coast and look back to Isla del Aire
Playa de Punta Prima is an exposed anchorage which has a beautiful and very popular sandy beach. It played a strategic position in Menorcan history where in 1708 British troops landed here and captured the island. Many decades later in 1781 the island was recaptured by the Spanish troops by landing on the same beach!
The Occidental Menorca, a resort hotel complex stands out with it’s colourful, modern facade on the hill behind Punta Prima beach
A Menorcan built traditional Llaut, which can be seen on every coastline of the Balearic Islands
Nearby on Punta Prima is a large development of apartments
As we continue up the south east coast towards Mahon, the capital of Menorca, we pass the Torre De Defensa De Alcaufar
Approaching Punta Sant Carles on the western side of the entrance to the long deep cala of Mohan are the remains of St. Philip’s Castle which was a fortress guarding the entrance to the port  which is now located in the municipality of Es Castell
On the eastern side of the entrance to Mohan are the well preserved remains of Fortelasa de Isabel ll
In the centre of the entrance to the port is an island called Isla del Lazareta which has ancient ruins on the approach however it has a substantial lazareta building (built between 1793 and 1807) which was once an isolation hospital for people with infectious diseases and then a military hospital
On recommendation from some sailing acquaintances, we head towards Cala Taulera, situated east of Isla del Lazareto to anchor overnight
As we go through the narrow channel to Cala Taulera we pass some incredible ancient remains of well defined steps carved into rock on the waters edge with old buildings in the background

Lazareto Island
After arriving in the calm sheltered bay we anchored with several other visiting boats surrounded by spectacular ancient remains
On a small beach in a corner of the cala there was a group of young people practicing yoga!!
A cruise ship leaving the port of Mohan
Another Menorquin, very similar to ours but with a flybridge, passes through the passage
Time to go for a nice long swim around the interesting bay!!
Late afternoon we leave the Tangaroa after accepting an invitation for drinks aboard a neighboring yacht
We head towards the yacht Belle de Large lll moored under the tower in the bay

English born sailor Charles, who now lives in Western Australia invited us aboard with friends for some drinks this evening
It was delightful meeting some of Charles’s lovely friends

Mother and daughter, Claudia and Gabriela, both originally from Argentina and now living in Menorca
We make our way back to the Tangaroa

Ric is chef tonight and puts one of his delicious home made pizzas in our good Aussie barbecue!!
Sunset in Cala Taulera
Ric makes the best pizzas in town!!!

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