2017-09-01 Cala Santa Galdana, Menorca Island

Just before midday we see a familiar super yacht called “A” motoring in the opposite direction as it did on the previous day
A large rock protrudes from the northern section of the bay which gives a lot of shelter to the beach
Today the weather conditions have improved greatly
The paddle cars are out and about in full force today!!
We lock up the Tangaroa and head ashore in our dinghy
Rather than going to the beach, we head towards the river to go ashore
We approach the first of the two foot bridges spanning the river in Cala Santa Galanda
Beyond the first bridge many small locally owned boats line the edges of the narrow river
Looking back into the bay and south out to sea
Once the dinghy was secured we head towards the shops and restaurants nearby
Plenty of restaurants, shops and bars line the streets of the delightful town
Taking a walk along the street by the river we pass numerous attractive Spanish style holiday houses and apartments

Many restaurants stand side by side along Travessia Cala Galdana
After consulting TripAdvisor we decided to try Restaurant Cal Mitjana for a late lunch
Being a very hot 30+ day we decided to have a delightful chilled Cava  with our lunch
As we both had very little for breakfast we decided to order a couple of entrees to share for starters. The first dish that arrived was the stuffed aubergine, which was quite tasty
Ric insisted on ordering the mixed croquettes, which actually were quite nice, not too greasy. Some were vegetarian and some were meat and also seafood
For our main course we decided to try the Caldereta de llagosta (Lobster stew/soup) which is a traditional Menorcan dish
Not our favourite attire, wearing a bib in a restaurant, however we did it!!!!!
A fabulous dish with amazing flavours ……..all the utensils supplied were used to extract the succulent pieces of lobster from the shells!!! Glad we had the bibs!!!

An attractive chocolate covered carrot cake to share for dessert
After our late hearty lunch we need to take a long walk. Here we are looking up the narrow river from the first foot bridge
All the town’s small craft are safely moored behind the beach in the river
In the distance we could see the Tangaroa in the bay
An attractive fit looking young couple with their dog and back packs take off on their boards paddling out of the river
In no time they were in the bay nearing the many yachts moored here today
…….within moments they disappeared around the point paddling east to one of the next bays  for the night
Once we crossed the bridge we walked out onto the large rock, which also houses a restaurant
Continuing our walk we follow the busy beach
Looking towards the bay and the numerous boats on anchor there today
At the eastern end of the beach there is a path that takes you around the beautiful bay…. note the amazing fence……..this style of fence is seen regularly all over the island

We head back to the river past the lovely sandy beach of Cala Santa Galdana
…….then over the second walking bridge
…..past the children’s water slide fun park with the large red tap!!!
Time to take the dinghy and us back to the boat!!
We return to the Tangaroa

Another pleasant sunset

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