2017-08-31 Cala de Son Saura to Cala Santa Galdana, Menorca Island

This morning we depart from Cala de Son Saura to continue east along the coast
The entrance to the often deserted Cala de Talaier
Carla Turqueta is a small cala very popular with tourists, many of whom have been delivered by tourist boats from Ciudadela, the second main town of the island situated on the west coast

Carla Macarella and out of view to the left the smaller Cala Macarelleta are good anchorages  in the area on the southern coast of Menorca
As the previous calas were quite full of yachts we went to the next cala to the east, Cala Santa Galdana
The forecast for later today was for wind and thunderstorms so we were looking for a safe bay to anchor for a couple of days. Cala Santa Galdana was the best choice as it is sheltered in most conditions
As we enter the large bay, on the western side in the distance we see a bridge over a river which runs through the town
Although a large hotel dominates the bay it appears like quite an attractive anchorage
Fortunately we have arrived early and there was plenty of space close to the line of buoys which is as close as one can anchor
The sun appears and the crowd of sun bathers on the beach are no doubt happy again!!
The car paddle boats which have slippery slides are extremely popular to hire here in Cala Galdana
The bay is surrounded by high limestone cliffs with wonderful homes perched precariously on top!!
A catamaran with an Australian flag arrives and anchors nearby
A few more yachts arrive in the large bay
It is almost a traffic jam of paddle cars in the bay!!
By 3 pm dark clouds started appearing in the western sky
Looking south, the sky becomes almost black by 5.30 pm
Soon we had loud thunder and a lot of lightning
Then we had a massive downpour of rain which actually gave the boat a wonderful wash down!!
Our Australian neighbours were invited to come over for a drink at 6 pm however had to delay for a while due to the rain
In the distance the recently built multi million dollar Russian owned super yacht named “A” cruises past
Our guests for drinks, Phil originally from Melbourne and his partner Geraldine from the Philippines, are live aboard sailors who plan to sail their yacht back to Australia
As Ric had made a large curry the previous evening, we invited Phil and Geraldine to join us, once we found out they liked spicy food!!
By 8 pm the storm passed by and the evening sun appeared briefly

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