2017-08-28 Puerto de Sòller to Puerto de Pollença, Mallorca Island

Perfect conditions today to continue up the north west coast of Mallorca
Looking back into the beautiful bay and excellent anchorage of Puerto de Sòller
Puerto de Sòller is the only harbour on the west coast of Mallorca

We continue along the coast with signs of a light sea fog
We enter the small bay Cala Tuent which has a sand and stone beach and crystal clear waters, ideal to swim in

We stayed in the bay for about an hour and had a lovely long swim in the warm clear waters
Some German sailors anchored nearby, return from their swim typically naked!!
We look ahead to Morro de la Vacca
One of the most popular bays on the island is Cala de la Calobra
In the south east of the bay is small inlet with a beach, hotel and berthing facilities for ferries
The large spectacular cala has a small beach with a lagoon behind and parting cliffs into the distance where the stream, Torrente de Pareis runs down to the sea
A walkway has been carved into the cliffs and a tunnel links the two beaches for the many visitors who visit the bay every summer
Tourists arrive in Cala de la Calobra in droves either by car, ferries, buses and yachts too!!
The Torrente de Pareis is supposed to be one of the very popular sights of Mallorca
As much as we would have liked to anchor here however the whole area looked overcrowded with tourists and there were a lot of boats in the bay
Continuing on we enjoy the wonderful scenery of the very rugged coastline

With the very high humidity we experienced patches of sea fog along the coast
We enter Cala Castell and see a few boats on anchor in the narrow bay
Cala Castell is edged by Punta Topina a spectacular wedge shaped rock formation
We decide to keep going as there were sufficient boats already moored in the sheltered part of the bay
More unusual rock formations jutting out of the water

Cala Vall de Boca another popular mooring bay
The scenic lookout, Mirador es Colomer is perched high on the top of a massive vertical cliff
The look out can be reached from Polleça by a walking track situated on the other side of the narrow peninsular of the north east coast of the island
A popular day mooring under Islet Colomer on the north east peninsular
We approach the rugged northern tip of Mallorca
We pass a lonely yacht beneath the sheer cliffs and caves near Cabo Cataluna
We reach Cabo de Formentor, the most northern east point of Mallorca with its lighthouse towering high above the sea
As we head south west down the other side of the peninsular, we pass several bays that are possible overnight anchorages
The weather unfortunately had become a little drizzly and we had a few drops of rain on this coast
A typical traditional Llaut style boat of the Balearic Islands
Several boats have picked up mooring buoys by the small island of Formentor, situated in Bahia de Pollença
On the narrow peninsular Punta de la Avanzada close to Pollença, stands an old castle
The beautifully restored castle called La Fortaleza was built in 1628 and has an unusual hexagonal tower. The terraces and gardens of the castle are believed to be exquisite with magnificent views from the elevated position on the promontory of Punta Avançada 
La Fortenza is privately owned and was resold to an English banker for well over 40 million Euro in 2011. Some believe it is the most expensive property in Spain
Just north of the castle is a military airfield which is used by flying boats
We decide to join many other boats anchoring off the town of Puerto de Pollença which is situated in the head of the large bay in the north east of Mallorca
The sheltered bay is surrounded by the same high rugged mountains which we followed up today in the far north west coast
Pollença is an attractive bay and a popular anchorage in the north east especially for boats that are island hopping. Menorca is situated north east of Mallorca
Spectacular layered mountains in the distance


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