2017-08-26 Puerto de Soller, Mallorca Island

This morning we move the Tangaroa to a less busy part of the harbour where we had more swinging room
Mid morning we decide to go ashore as we plan to visit the main town of Palma today
By taking the 100+ year old tram to Sòller, we would from there take a train to Palma, the capital city of Menorca
As we leave the port by tram we pass by the beach once again
In the distance we can see the Tangaroa on the other side of the bay
On our way to Sòller once again we pass many orange orchards
On arriving in Sòller it appeared to be market day
We remain on the old tram until we reach the station
There was very little time between getting off the tram and boarding the Victorian mohogony train to Palma
There were not a lot of passengers on the train this morning
During the trip we traveled through some spectacular scenery
The train took us through valleys and mountains on the way to Palma
…….and past towns, orchards and olive groves
Finally we enter the outer districts of Palma
The train trip from Sòller to Palma took us one hour and conveniently stopped in the heart of the city
Although we intend visiting Palma later by boat, we were told the train trip from Sòller was certainly worthwhile doing
Plenty of buskers in town, however this one looked amazing
One of the many shopping streets of Palma which is quite a big city with a population of around 400,000 people
We have a quick coffee with a typical local fruit custard tart at the busy Forn Son Ferriol Patisserie
To save our feet and our energy in the heat, we decide to buy tickets for the red tourist buses that take you around the city
The ‘Hop On Hop Off’ buses are great to take which makes it easier to get around in larger cities
From the distance one can see how large the Gothic style Cathedral of Palma actually is
The marina and yacht harbour is quite large in Palma
We pass several old buildings
We finally hop off at the Castillo de Bellver
The main part of the castle was constructed between the years 1300 and 1311
Tower of the Homage of the Castle
The circular floor plan of the Castell de Bellver
A number of well preserved statues are displayed on the ground floor
This groove of cistern in the centre of the circular courtyard indicates that in the subsoil there is a great cistern to store water below
We visit the Museu D’Historia de la Ciutat which is situated at the Castell de Bellver
We climb many steps to reach the huge circular terrace of the castle
From the terrace of the castle we could see several cruise ships that were visiting Palma today
Great view of the massive Palma Cathedral which is one of the breathtaking and magnificent buildings in all of Spain
The view over the city and harbour is one of the most spectacular vistas of a coastal city we have seen
Looking down into the circular open area from the rooftop terrace

After the visit to the castle we hop on the bus again to resume the trip around the city
Passing the large port where the cruise ships are moored, we drop off a few passengers that had spent the day touring on the bus
These large cruise ships cater for thousands of people and have several swimming pools and even a huge yellow water slide like this one
We pass by a tree shaded long walking street which had many cafes and bars which looked nice
Finally we decided to get off the bus near the busy central area by the large Cathedral
The magnificent Gothic Cathedral of Palma is located by the waterfront, in a very dramatic location
The cathedral is built of golden limestone which was quarried from Santanyi which is on the east coast of Mallorca, the next island to the south west
We took a long stroll down the lovely Passieg Des Born
Returning to the area of the Cathedral we find a small chic eatery where we thought we would have a light dinner and drink before boarding the last train back to Sòller at 7.40 pm
We take a seat on the terrace of Cuppuccino Palau March situated just beside the cathedral
We order our usual drinks, a Mojito and a Margarita
We share some freshly made delicious salmon sushi
Ric happy with his refreshing drink and his omelette with salad
I order a lovely vegan salad with beetroot and green leaves
Margarita, my favourite refreshing drink while in Spain!!
We join in with the crowd doing the passeggiata on our way to the station
The last train departs at 7.40 pm for our trip back to Sòller
More comfortable seats on our return trip to Sòller
We arrive in Sòller and at 9 pm we catch the tram back to the Puerto de Sòller where the Tangaroa is moored


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