2017-08-25 Peninsular de la Foradada to Puerto de Soller, Mallorca Island

The rock at Peninsular de la Foradada
Several of the other boats have already left the bay
After breakfast it was time for us also to continue up the coast
Once again the sea conditions are very calm without wind or waves
We see the other anchorage between the high cliffs on the opposite side of the boot shaped peninsular is where we anchored overnight
Another old lookout tower perched on the rugged cliffs of the coast
We pass several boats traveling in the opposite direction more than likely leaving the nearby port
Approaching Puerto de Sòller we pass Cabo Gros with its white lighthouse
Arriving in Puerto de Sòller, the major port in the centre of the west coast of Mallorca. Again we see the super yacht  AVIVA  which is moored just outside the entrance to the harbour
Puerto de Sòller dates back to ancient times as prehistoric artifacts have been found here in the town
Once anchored in the large port and settled by Cap de sa Pared, we decide to leave the Tangaroa and go ashore by our dinghy
Puerto de Sòller is certainly a stunningly beautiful port
………and is surrounded by wonderful mountainous scenery
The port has good marina facilities and also plenty of room to anchor out
As we enter the inner port we pass rows and rows of small motor boats with outboards all lined up like soldiers
The local traditional wooden Llaut boats look amazing lined up along the pier
The Tangaroa which is a Menorquin 160 was built in Menorca  (the next island north east) in the same tradition Llaut design similar to these small boats seen here in this port
Arriving ashore and checking out the tourist info centre, we decide to take the local wooden tram to the old town of Sòller which is set back inland a few kms
The trip lasts for about 30 minutes and firstly follows the contour of the bay before heading inland
In the distance we could see the Tangaroa on anchor in the bay
The tram driver at the controls of the front car in which we were seated. The vintage tramway has been operating for over 100 years and now is a major tourist attraction taking people to and from the port to the town of Sòller
The scenery during the journey on the tram was fabulous
The rural area through which we traveled was sheltered by the tall mountains that surround it
It wasn’t long before we arrived in the inland township of Sòller, 3 km from the port
The quaint rural town which is well known for its olives, oranges and lemons has become quite a busy tourist town now
There are many buildings to visit in the old rural town which dates back to ancient times
A well rugged up tree trunk!!
The local church of Sòller, San Bartolomé
It was a relief to escape the heat and come and spend some time inside the beautiful church
Wonderful chilli arrangements at the local market!! We bought some fabulous chilli sauce here!!
Sòller has many streets full of shops for the crowds that come here everyday
This local boutique looked quite lovely
There was lots of colour all over the town
The fountain in the central plaza was even dressed up
Ric needed an icecream to cool down today!!
After a couple of hours sweltering in Sòller we decided to get the tram back to the port passing many citrus trees on the way
….and quaint Spanish houses
As we enter the bay on our return we see the Tangaroa still safely anchored in the port with several other yachts
We head back towards the port
The tram then passes the long sandy beach
It did not take the carriages long to be filled again, as soon as we got off the tram
Before returning to the boat we take a stroll around the port area
Many small fishing boats work out of Puerto de Sòller

Numerous Tapas restaurants can be found around the port

With the temperature so hot we decide to go back to the Tangaroa for a well earned swim!!
On our way out with the dinghy we pass the large flotilla of tiny Llaut boats
All types of boats can be seen out and about in the harbour – these are very popular in Spain!!
A couple of similar daily charter boats cross paths. Note the amazing mountains in the background!
Back to the Tangaroa

So nice to have dinner aboard with the best views in town
Ric has become a wonderful cook!!! He makes the most awesome pizzas!!!

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