2017-08-24 Ensa de Sas Hortigas to Peninsular de la Foradada, Mallorca Island

With the bay in shadow we depart early to continue our journey up the coast
The rocky coastline along the north west coast can be very unforgiving in bad weather
We continue in a north easterly direction along the long western coast

We were very fortunate to have had absolutely calm and settled weather conditions to anchor on this coast overnight
Small seaside towns such as this town are dotted all the way up the coast
In the distance we see the town of Marina de Valledemossa where we thought we would stop in and go ashore for a coffee, as suggested in our pilot book
A familiar large super yacht is anchored nearby, perhaps they were reading the same pilot book!!
This tiny village, Marina de Valledemossa is surrounded by breathtaking pine covered mountains
We anchor in the tiny bay by the village…..
….and we go ashore and back by dinghy
We enter the tiny, sheltered, quaint port
A number of small local boats were all neatly tied up along the jetty
Some small boat owners in the village have their own space on the slipway
Looking up one of the tiny alleyways as we head for the cafe
This establishment seems to the hub of the small village
Coffee and cake were excellent and well worth the trip ashore
After taking a walk around the village we realised how small the village actually was!!
Tangaroa all alone in the small bay
The 100m AVIVA certainly needed more room than the anchorage we chose for the Tangaroa

At approximately 11am, a colour coordinated tender from AVIVA makes its way to the small village pier
At precisely 11am a black Mercedes arrives dropping off, an obviously important gentleman who was to be taken to the super yacht on anchor by the village
The locals and including ourselves couldn’t help wondering who the important guest was being delivered to the super yacht
Once all the commotion was over, the local bathers went back to enjoying their morning swim by the pier in the small port
Looking back at the delightful Marina de Valledemossa
We continue our journey up the coast
We pass the occasional small village
In the distance we see numerous boats on anchor by the Peninsular de la Foradada
There is an anchorage on both sizes of the unusual boot shaped peninsular
The huge rocky outcrop of the Peninsular de la Foradada is well recognised for the hole that can be seen from the western anchorage
Another spectacular anchorage for us during our trip up the west coast of Mallorca
Again the weather conditions are perfect with no wind
Numerous other boats are also enjoying this often harsh coastline
The water in the bay, as it has been in most places along the coast, is absolutely crystal clear
Swimming around the spectacular rugged rock and all around the bay was such a wonderful experience
Looking towards a dwelling which may have been a restaurant in the past, perched on the saddle between the two anchorages on the peninsular
With conditions perfect we decide to anchor here in the bay overnight

Evening light on the rugged hills around the bay
Another great sunset in Mallorca!!

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