2017-08-23 Cala Camp de Mar to Ensa de Sas Hortigas, Mallorca Island

Another clear hot day in Mallorca
As we leave Cala Camp de Mar we motor past the super yacht AVIVA which was so highly polished we could see amazing reflections of the hills and water!!
Continuing on we head towards the western cape of the bay
The steep cliffs of Cap des Llamp
Once around the barren Cap des Llamp, the next cape, Cap de la Mola has become quite developed as it is very close to Puerto de Andraitx, one of the larger ports of the southern coast of Mallorca
Some amazing houses and apartments have been built on Punta de la Mola and nearby on Punta de s’Estaca
The very attractive quite small circular bay of Cala Marmacen is in peak seasons a safe popular overnight anchorage
Apartments on Punta des Mila have a prime position near the point were obvious built a several decades ago
In contrast a super modern dwelling no doubt has recently been built high above on top of the cliff

Faro de la Mola, the lighthouse can just be seen on the point
Once around the Cap de Mola is the yachting and fishing port, Puerto de Andraitx
Originally a fishing village, Puerto de Andraitx has become an important busy tourist centre of Mallorca
Due to the wonderful bays and water activities of the area much development has appeared over the past years
Puerto de Andraitx has quite a large marina and a very active sailing club
Visiting yachts can enjoy the good facilities of Club De Vella
Anchoring is permitted outside the breakwater
It was surprising  to see some fish farms right in the main harbour!!
All the surrounding hills of the port have been developed with houses and low rise apartments
This apartment development certainly stands out and looks amazing from the water
No shortage of super yachts in this part of Mallorca
Puerto de Andraitx certainly is a picturesque port of western southern coast of Mallorca
Numerous coves with mooring buoys can be found in the large harbour
North west of Puerto de Andraitx is the small tourist town of San Telmo
A small Islet, Isla Pantaleu shelters the small bay off San Telmo
Not far north west of Puerto de Andraitx and west of San Telmo is the spectacular Isla Dragonera. The island which is a nature reserve has an old signal station and tower on the highest point (at 360 m) the pyramid shaped summit of Puig de sa Sopi
We head towards Isla Dragonera and see the old tower on the peak
The southern light house on Cabo Llebeitx of Isla Dragonera
Several tiny bays with only room for one boat lie along the eastern shore of the island
On the northern tip if the narrow, long Isla Dragonera is Cap Tramontana with a prominent lighthouse
Isla Dragonera has an unusual shape where it is 2 miles long and .6 wide wide with almost vertical cliffs on the western side and steeply sloped land on the eastern side
We continue our journey heading north east up the west coast of Mallorca
We pass spectacular rugged scenery
We are fortunate to have exceptionally calm conditions for travelling

A lone fisherman passes us
Not far up the coast we come across a magnificent bay with a handful of boats on anchor
We had to stop and have a swim in this amazing blue water
Ensa de Sas Hortigas is a picturesque bay under Punta de na Foradada
The scenery in every direction was magic here
Lots of small day tripper boats arrive while we were here

After looking at the forecast  we decided that we would stay on anchor here with the other boats overnight

Tonight we have our favourite seafood and pasta dish for dinner

Another interesting sunset

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