2017-08-22 Cala de Santa Ponsa to Cala Camp de Mar, Mallorca Island

Morning time with plenty of company overnight in sheltered Cala de Santa Ponsa
Cala de Santa Ponsa with its numerous busy hotels
The small narrow entrance to the quite large Santa Ponsa Marina
Heading out of the large bay we head west
Once again we pass the huge rock formation at the entrance to the next bay
A small Menorquin passes us in the opposite direction travelling at high speed!!
Entering the bay we feel dwarfed by the huge elegant super yacht on anchor there
Looking towards the north east corner of the large bay to Cala Camp de Mar
We decide to head towards Cala Blanca, a popular anchoring spot in the north west corner of the large bay we had just arrived in
To our surprise we come across a circle of anchored yachts and catamarans by Cala Blanca
The beautiful clear turquoise water of Cala Blanca
Flags from many nations were flapping in the wind on the participants of the Yacht Week Sailing Cruise
Overcrowded ferries transport passengers to and from favourite swimming and sightseeing spots
Time for the yachts to move on to the next fabulous destination
With loud music blaring the yachts make their departure
We have some amazing company still in the bay near us for the night
AVIVA which is 100 M long was launched in May this year – thanks to Google search!!
We decide to move across the bay to Cala Camp de Mar to anchor for the night
The popular restaurant built on a small island that has a narrow wooden bridge to the beach
Many lovely homes surround Cala Camp de Mar
Approaching 8pm there were still many people on the beach

Although a busy restaurant was nearby, we both preferred to have one of Ric’s fabulous pizzas aboard and looking out and watching the world go by!!
Moored beside us was someone’s latest toy…toys!!

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