2017-08-19 Cala Hortz to Cala Tarida, Ibiza Island

Early morning in Cala Tarida
Cloudy Bay, Peter and Barbara’s 10 m Fountaine Pajot catamaran is moored beside the Tangaroa

In convoy with Peter and Barbara, we depart Cala Horts to go ashore for coffee in one of the next bays heading north
Passing the old wooden boat sheds on the western shore as we depart the lovely anchorage of Cala Horts

Hopefully next time in the bay we will try one of the local delightfully positioned restaurants
Leaving the bay we pass the spectacular Moorish style houses perched on the western cliff face
We have some good company motoring north
This motor boat passes us at great pace!!
Our NZ friends on Cloudy Bay travelling at a more comfortable pace
We drop anchor outside Cala Badella which is a small anchorage north of Cala  Horts and Cala Carbo

Peter and Barbara had visited this small town of Cala Badella on a previous occasion and suggested we go ashore for coffee before continuing up the coast

Cala Badella has a lovely sheltered beach and is very popular with families in the summer holidays
We all head for one of the waterside restaurants for coffee
Such a lovely relaxed spot at “L’an Jaume” and a very pleasant place to come ashore for lunch or a coffee and a snack as we have done!!
This is one third of the portion of the ham, cheese and relish toastie we ordered to share, just delicious !!
Looking out to the bay through lounge chairs and umbrellas!!

The wooden boat sheds in Cala Bandella seem to be similar to all the ones we have seen in other bays on the island

We head back to the Tangaroa to continue our journey up the coast
Nearby in the bay is a group of young people enjoying the the new addiction of paddle boarding…..and taking selfies at the same time!!!
We continue up the coast past Cala Moli and arrive at Cala Tarida
Cala Tarida is one of the many very popular anchorages on the western Ibiza coast
It was a surprise to see the yacht Sea Dreams on anchor in Cala Tarida. She was previously owned by Tasmanian friends of ours from our home town of Hobart
Also now moored beside us is Cloudy Bay
We join Peter and Barbara on Cloudy Bay with some of their new NZ sailing acquaintances for drinks and nibbles this evening

Ric & Jeremy

Peter proudly changes into his new T-shirt which he acquired after recently retiring !!

Tangaroa, towels and all!!

Nice coloured dress on the young lady posing aboard a boat nearby!!
Another beautiful sunset

Goodnight to all!!

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