2017-08-17 Santa Pola to Moraira, Spain

This morning we make our departure from Santa Pola Miramar Marina, where we have spent several days getting our generator working as well as possible after it had occurred a few issues!
We hope our friend from the white motor yacht recovers from his illness…….an can take his boat off the market!!
A new motor boat designed and built in the local shipyard in Santa Pola
We make a nice early start and leave the very pleasant Santa Pola Port and township!

Sunrise over the water as we head northeast back up the coast
We pass the wonderful city of Alicante and the fabulous Santa Barbara Castle we visited a few days ago
We continue back past the holiday city of Benidorm with its skyscraper hotels and cheap holidays!!
Again we pass the picturesque lighthouse perched high above the sea
We are very fortunate with the weather conditions for motoring back up the coast today
 Again we pass the Virgin of the Consol, the Catholic church which stands high above the town of Altea
We approach the massive Ifach Cape close to our destination of Moraira

We see the lovely anchorage by the town of Moraira where we had a couple of days only a few days ago before going to Santa Pola

As we arrive in the bay around lunchtime, a number of day trippers also start arriving
It is nice to be back to the lovely surroundings of this anchorage
Every day especially during the warm holiday period, the anchorage at Moraira gets quite busy with locals that keep their boats in the nearby marinas

Another Menorquin in the bay today!!
Sunset and hopefully earlier to bed tonight as we plan to finally head to the Balearic Islands in the early morning!!

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