2017-08-16 Santa Pola, Spain

Today we spent most of the day preparing for our departure from Santa Pola in the morning. With the generator all working perfect now, provisions bought, washing and cleaning done, we decided we would go out for dinner on our last night in Santa Pola!
After checking the internet for a good restaurant in the area, Ric came across La Finca. Although the restaurant was 10 km from Santa Pola, close to a neighboring town of Elche, we still decided to go and arrived there by taxi at 9.30 pm
The restaurant was situated in a quiet setting and entering the grounds, although dark, one could see the wonderful garden
A fenced path led us towards the restaurant

As we neared the restaurant, passing an amazing fountain, we were greeted by one of the restaurant staff
The Restaurant, La Finca appeared to be quite full with most tables occupied tonight
We were promptly seated at a delightful table in the garden under a covered terrace. All the tables faced the lovely garden and the manicured lawn which was set up with a mobile bar almost like a prop. It was great watching the young barman preparing our cocktails!!
Being another very warm and humid evening we decided a Mojito and a Margarita would be perfect to start our evening!!
Ric was pondering over which wine we should try tonight from the extensive wine list!!!
It was not long before the chef sent us a taster to try. The most exquisite biscuit topped with an amazing miniature battered delight arrives!!! Not to mention the presentation of the glassed vessel filled with tiny shells and Costa Blanca sand!!
Once again we sample an amazing looking and tasting dish from the kitchen!!
A nearby table had ordered the Four Elements degustatione menu which included some of the small portions served in the cane stacked boxes, which looked amazing!! Too much food for us so late in the evening!!
Some wonderful bread with local olive oil and Australian Murray Valley salt arrives at the table!! How amazing!!
White shrimp with macadamia oil and shavings of ham
Pasta, curd cheese and truffle, mushroom and parmesan
Scallop carpaccio with truffle oil and ceps
Fried and broken eggs with sautéed foie gras and small onions
Grilled Beef-loin with mushrooms sauce
Spanish lobster, with salad, Iran pistachios oil and pepper

Lemon: Tartlet, creamy, streusel and ice cream
Chocolate: World’s chocolate tour which combines different textures and temperatures
No doubt the best dinner we have had in Spain so far!!! Amazing flavours, amazing presentation and amazing surroundings!! Fortunately we shared all the dishes otherwise we would not have been able to get up from the table!!
We decide to sample a couple of dessert wines!! One thick and sweet and the other light and refreshing!! Chocolates also arrive beautifully presented in an unusual glass receptacle
Being one of the last to arrive for a change, it was well after midnight when we finally left the restaurant.
The restaurant, food experience and surroundings were quite amazing!! We will return and next time come for lunch!!

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