2017-08-14 Santa Polo, Spain

Santa Pola Miramar Marina
Tangaroa with some nice company in the Santa Pola Miramar Marina
The marina is well positioned and has very pleasant surroundings
The Miramar Marina entrance
There are many restaurants, bars and shops along the port promenade area of Santa Pola
In the evening we decide to try one of the nice restaurants in the marina area
On such a beautiful warm evening there are a lot of people strolling along the port side promenades
Looking towards the elegant restaurant Ric had booked for us to have dinner this evening
As usual arriving  at  9 pm or earlier, we often are the first patrons to be seated for dinner
The Vintage Restaurant has a wonderful view across the port area of Santa Pola
We are given a lovely table outside in a sheltered position from the strong breeze this evening
A delightful red
It was not long after we arrived that the tables on the terrace of the restaurant were full
The chef sends us a small vegetable tart as a starter to sample
We have been enjoying the wonderful Spanish oysters this year while here in Spain
The grilled baby calamari was beautifully cooked and delicious
Ric enjoys the monkfish with prawns served in a delicious broth
I decided to try the sea bass with vegetables which unfortunately first arrived cold however with a lot of apologies and embarrassment, both our dishes were replaced with new hot ones!! Compliments to the staff and chef for the service!!
A delightful refreshing local favourite drink called horchata arrives to cleanse the palate
A chocolate lava cake to share nicely finishes our dinner at the Vintage
Ric takes over the photography at a nearby family table
Our waiter manages to workout how to use my camera and finally we have a dinner photo together!!
The Vintage was a very pleasant and enjoyable restaurant with good service and we would certainly return if in the port again in the future

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