2017-08-12 Moaira, Spain

Early morning in Moraira, with people on the small beach however not a boat to be seen!!
Compared to the flotilla of boats on the previous day, the bay appears very quiet this morning
The local marina at Moraira with the small well preserved castle nearby
The town of Cala les Bassetes which is sheltered by the Ifach mountainous outcrop, looks spectacular across the bay from our anchorage in Moraira
As we really enjoyed the swimming and the lovely surroundings of Moraira, we decided to spend another day on anchor in this beautiful, yet busy bay
By lunchtime a few of the local boats started arriving
By 2.30 pm there were plenty of small boats in the bay
………and then a few bigger ones started arriving
With the weather being continually hot and humid in Spain recently, being on the water and being able to swim is quite a relief!!

The houses overlooking the bay here in Moraira are just spectacular
……………and some of the houses have gone to the huge expense of putting in the most incredible lifts!!
The rectangular box in the centre is for sale at the moment for a massive price!!
The latest craze of paddle boards!!
Lots of family fun rafting up together!!
Once the crowds departed, Ric fired up the barbecue and cooked us a couple of good tender steaks, together with his special potato chips and salad on the side!! Delicious!!
Sunset in Moraira

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