2017-08-09 La Marina Real Juan Carlos 1, Valencia, Spain

As our visit to Valencia was drawing to an end, again we decide to take off on the bikes to get some exercise and see a few more of the sights. Leaving the port we traditionally check out the Malvarossa Beach which is just adjacent to the marina. Today it seems less busy than other days!
We pass the modern statue of Placa D’Europe
We continue on our cycle around the city passing numerous busy cafes and restaurants
The Plaza del Ayuntamiento has become the centre of the city over the past 100 years
The Town Hall is one of the monumental buildings that surrounds the plaza
There are so many interesting buildings to be seen all over Valencia

Our next visit is to the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia
The grand entrance to the Mvsio Bellas Artes
Once inside the Museum of Fine Arts, which was beautifully air conditioned (temp outside mid 30’s) we were surprised to find there was no charge to view the amazing pieces
A wonderful painting done by 19th century Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla Bastida
Another incredible painting by Bastida. This one was of his daughter who was recovering from an illness
This wonderful portrait of a woman with a small white dog was done by well known 18th century artist, Francisco de Goya
Looking down to the well displayed artwork on the ground floor
Once we spent a couple of hours at the art museum we headed off in the heat to the Park de Jardins de Reial
It was time for a refreshing cool freshly squeezed orange juice at the cafe in the park
We visit the Museu de Ciències Naturals which is situated nearby in the park

Looking down at the huge skeleton of a dinosaur which was on display at the museum
Several dinosaur footprints that are millions of years old are on display here too
After our short visit to the museum, which was very much geared for young people, we head through the Turia Park back towards the port after another busy day of sightseeing!!!
The park, which originally was the river Turia before it was diverted, is the most amazing urban space for Valencians and visitors alike. It goes for several kms and consists of parks, gardens, lawns, paths etc and pleasing for us an amazing bike track!!
Back past the City of Arts and Science
Over the amazing bridge, Pont l’Assut de l’Or
The view from the highest point of the bridge to the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe


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