2017-08-08 La Marina Real Juan Carlos 1, Valencia, Spain

We set off once again on another adventure on the bikes in order to visit a couple of things we had missed in Valencia on previous days
Passing the old renovated warehouses at the port and the clock building
The main crossroads of the Port of Valencia with the tall monument in the centre
As we continue we pass many tall metal statues in the large park
Ponte de Regne
We look towards the modern high rise building of the Cami Fondo area
We again ride past the Palau de la Música which is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks
The steps of the ancient Pont de la Mar with the partially dismantled ferris wheel in the background
Nearby is Pont de l’Exposició
Again we ride past the Porta de la Mar, which was once a gateway to the city
Finally we arrive at our destination
The Magnificent Palacio de los Marqueses de dos Aguas with its sumptuous Gothic facade
The opulent palace houses the Gonzalez Marti Ceramic Museum
The entrance to the palace is absolutely extraordinary
Once inside a couple of exceptionally ornate carriages greet us in the entrance area
This tiny old ceramic was quite stunning
This recently created wall ceramic on display in the ceramic museum was just amazing!!
The work involved with some of the unusual modern ceramics was unbelievable
So amazing!!
This wonderful chess set was safely sealed in a glass cabinet
Another room full of tall colourful ceramic creations
We were instructed to continue our visit to the exhibition upstairs
Ric posing with the old pottery
A superb piece of old china on display
Next we have the pleasure of seeing some of the rooms of the old palace
Such beautifully painted frescos on the ceilings in this room of the palace
This beautiful room in the palace was by far my favourite room!!
Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas and the Gonzalez Marti Ceramic Museum is a ‘must visit’ if one comes to Valencia
Our next stop is the fabulous Central Market
The modernist style building that houses the Mercado Central Market, was started in 1914 over an original open market site. It was not fully completed until as late as 1928. It is one of the most visited markets in Spain which predominantly has vendors that mostly serve food items, although the occasional souvenir shop can also be found here.
There are many stalls selling the famous Iberian ham
We purchased some spices from this very friendly Spanish vendor
Of course plenty of Valencia oranges and juice for sale here at the market
Naturally there are also numerous meat and of course fruit and vegetable vendors too!
Beside the market one must try the traditional refreshing drink called Horchata, which in Valencia is made from tigernuts, water and sugar. The Horchata should be accompanied with a Farton, an elongated spongy sweet, perfect for dipping!!
Beside to the Central Market is one of the oldest churches in Valencia. The Catholic church, Iglesia de los Santos Juanes or otherwise known as San Juan del Mercado (Saint John of the Market) was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style
Nearby is the Exchange, or Lonja de los Mercaderes which is a jewel of European civil Gothic Architecture. It was built between 1482 and 1492 and resembles a medieval castle. It was also declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996

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