2017-08-04 La Marina Real Juan Carlos 1, Valencia, Spain

Another day for us going sightseeing on the bikes
The heatwave continues here with temperatures again in the high 30’s
The Malvarrosa beach by the marina is very busy once again
We ride past the Veles e Vents building
At the America’s Cup Challenge site is a permanent display of one of the yachts that competed. Note it’s winged keel to the side
Modern buildings were especially built at the site to house the competitors of the famous America’s Cup challenge
Many of the old buildings at the old port site have been upgraded such as the Tinglados warehouses
An amazing undercover area has become an urban space used for skate boarders, rollerbladers, cyclists, exercise enthusiastics etc etc
The Port Authority Building, which is also known as the Clock Building is in the heart of the port

We continue riding and pass the very modern building where we had dinner at the Vertical Restaurant a few days ago
Passing the magnificent Principe Felipe Science Museum
Pont del Regne, one of the many bridges that once spanned the Turia River before it was diverted
The elegant steps and entrance to the walking bridge of the Ponte de la Mar
Nearby is the Plaza Porte de del Mar, a well known reproduction of the Royal gate, which in ancient times was the gate that was the last to close, which sometimes left late entries sleeping outside under the stars!!
Cycling along the wonderful bicycle path we pass many popular cafes
Pont de les Flores
The interesting shape of Pont de L’Exposicio
We head towards the Colon Market passing some lovely buildings on the way
We arrive at the Colon Market with it’s wonderful modernist architecture
Constructed between 1914 and 1916 the market was originally a food market however today it has small cafes, bars, florists and gourmet food shops
Downstairs there are a some delightful eateries and gourmet food shops
The entrance to the Colon Market
Amazing ceramics and tiles adorn the entrance to the building
The Santos Juanes Church
A delightful street
Lovely apartments
In a quiet, cool, well shaded park is a statue of Poet, Teddoro Llorente
We ride through a fabulous tree lined path that went for many 100’s of metres
We head back to Ponte de Regne
… and back past the Palace of the Arts Reina Sofia
…… and the L’Umbracle
…..the stunning tree lined garden of the L’Umbracle with the Agora beyond
The incredible Serreria Bridge
Fabulous experience cycling over the bridge
The view seen of the spectacular City of Arts and Science, was just outstanding as we crossed the bridge 
…..with amazing sculptures in the pool that surrounds the buildings
Crossing the Sierra Bridge on our way back to the port
Again we ride past the Agua Building
We ride back through the port

Finally after another full day of sightseeing we were pleased we were almost back at the marina
Passing the popular Marina Beach Club
Still more people arriving at the beach in the early evening

The lone lifesaver has a busy task looking after so many bathers today!!
The Beach Club Lounges look nice!!
Our new Danish friends, Aage and Jytte

Sunset in the marina

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