2017-08-02 La Marina Real Juan Carlos 1, Valencia, Spain

Today is overcast, very humid and quite a hot day once again. We take the opportunity to do some more exploring around Valencia on our bikes
Looking over the wall by the marina we see there are not as many people on the beach today as there have been other days. No sun, lots of wind and strong surf could be the reason
We pass the Veles e Vent building, also known as the America’s Cup Building which has won several awards for it’s design by Britishman David Chipperfield
We continue on the bike track along the port area which went through a major upgrade prior to the America’s Cup being held in Valencia firstly in 2007
The old buildings of the port have been upgraded and the whole area has become a wonderful open urban space
The Port Authority building from the main road, also known as the Clock Building
The America’s cup was held in Valencia twice in recent years, firstly in 2007 and then in 2010
Once again we cycle past one of the amazing buildings of Valencia, the Principle Felipe Science Museum
Nearby we take another look at the incredible outdoor exhibition of some amazing black and white photography
Continuing on we pass the temporary ferris wheel and theme park which has been in Valencia for the recent July festivities
Pont del la Trinitat is the oldest bridge in the city, beginning its current bridge at the beginning of the 15th century, but was partially rejuvenated due to the flood of 1517. Today no water flows under the many bridges in Valencia due to the Turia River being diverted in recent years after a major flood in 1957 which caused a lot of damage and loss of life.
Serranos Towers built between 1392 and 1398 are one of the few gates that are still standing from the old walled city
After sheltering under trees from the rain we venture into the old part of the town for some more possible shelter and coffee
Heading towards the popular Plaza de la Virgen
The Plaza de la Virgen is one of the many plazas that have been turned into pedestrian only areas over the years. This has allowed cafes and restaurants to appear beside the wonderful attractions
The Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados, and the Palace of the Generalitat are all adjacent to Plaza de la Virgen
Stopping for a break from our sightseeing ride today we find a seat in a cafe overlooking the Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados
We enjoy some coffee and share a delicious apple pie at Cafe & Tapas
Apart from the historical attractions of the Plaza de la Virgen, the fountain of Neptune (surrounded by naked women) certainly is one of the popular attractions of the area
Looking  towards the Tribunal de les Aigües de València
It is wonderful to see so many visitors from all over the world coming to this lovely city

Interesting graffiti
We head back through the gates of the Serranos Towers
Ric waits patiently for all the photos to be taken !!

Hopefully not too many restaurants have these !!!
No shortage of interesting sights in Valencia
We pass yet another church
Riding back through the city on the wonderful network of the bike tracks
We pass the North Railway Station or the Estación del Norte which was built and has been operating for 100 years this year
We again pass the Plaza Porta de la Mar

Riding through the Turia Gardens which follows the river bed of the Turia River (redirected a number of years ago) is a relaxing and pleasurable experience
Through the park one rides  under bridges, through wooded paths without the hassles of traffic and traffic lights

One passes lovely gardens
……. some not so ancient  pillars
…….water features 
   …………..and amazing buildings
We arrive back to the port area

Before going back to the Tangaroa we continue around to the marina office

We decide to have a refreshing drink in the bar beside the marina office

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