2017-07-31 La Marina Real Juan Carlos 1, Valencia, Spain

Another day in the high 30’s and the shades on the Tangaroa are dropped to keep the boat a little cooler
Today we leave the boat to go and have our first look around the city of Valencia
Tangaroa in Valencia
To get around Valencia it is ideal to travel by bicycle as there are bicycle tracks all over the city
On our bikes we leave the marina and head towards a few of the main attractions
Just beside the marina where we are staying is the Malvarrosa Beach
Today with the temperatures so high again there are thousands of people enjoying the beach
We continue on the bike track along Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I
Continuing on we find our way towards the famous tourist site of the City of Arts and Sciences

The amazing Palace of the Arts Reina Sofia comes into view
This incredible building consists of four rooms devoted to Art, Music and drama
We then see the L’Hemisferic which houses a Cine Imax Dome, A Panetarium and a Laserium, with shows projected on a 900 m2 giant screen
The L’Hemisferic building resembles a huge human eye which opens and closes to the world from the middle of it’s 24,000 m2 pool
L’Umbracle is a wonderful promenade with a central tree lined garden that has wonderful views over the whole complex

We then ride past the Principe Felipe Science Museum where visitors can learn about the latest science and technology advances and in the background the Agora which is a huge multi purpose space
In the huge pool that surrounds the incredible buildings there are numerous unusual sculptures
Several activities are available for the young and adventure seeking visitors
On display outside are a series of amazing black and white photographs
We next ride through the Turia Garden grounds and come across the Palau de la Musica which is said to be one of Valencia’s most emblematic modern buildings. The water, plants and light that frames the building was designed to work in harmony with it.

Ric poses by one of the spectacular entrances to an ancient walkway over the gardens

We pass one of the many superb fountains in Valencia, this one by Paseo de la Alameda
……..and we pass another unusual sculpture

It was a very long day for us and it was quite late when we were riding back to the marina


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