2017-07-27 Sant Carles Marina, Sant Carles de la Rapita to Bahai de Alfacs, Spain

Finally after a lengthy stay, we depart from our berth at Marina Sant Carles
Goodbyes are said to our English acquaintances
We then fill the fuel tanks up with almost 1000 litres of diesel
We look back at the Marina Sant Carles hard stand where Tangaroa wintered

On our way out we pass the Marina Office and Restaurant/Bar

We drop anchor in a popular part of the protected Bahai de Alfacs which is very close to Sant Carles de la Rapita
Nearby is a restaurant on stilts over the water which operates during the day for lunch until 4 pm
The only access to the restaurant is by water. You either come with your own boat or by special ferry. Many of the marina guest venture over here on still days with their tenders
Unfortunately we found our dinghy outboard motor did not work so we had a nice dinner aboard for a change
It was wonderful to have a swim and get away from the heat and confinement of the marina!!


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