2017-07-22 Sant Carles Marina, Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain

As we leave the boat to go out for the day there was a crowd assembled by the pier. No doubt a few water events were starting for the Saint James Festival that has been on this week
As we prepare to leave to go to a special restaurant for lunch at 1 pm 20 kms away, we found our hire car would not start!!
Unfortunately it was not as simple as a flat battery so the car had to be trucked away 
After 1 and 1/2 hours of phone calls and waiting for a verdict with the car, we finally were underway in a taxi to the restaurant
We pass the Castle D’Ulldecona which was only minutes from the restaurant. Fortunately when we rang the restaurant much earlier they were exceptionally accommodating and said it was not a problem to come when we can
Finally we arrive around 3 pm at Restaurant Les Moles
What a lovely venue for a restaurant! We met a delightful couple at Taverna Dalmau who recommended Les Moles to us!
We were quite excited to try the menu as we were told Les Moles was a Michelin Star Restaurant
Once we chose our style of menu, which we decided would included wines, we had a small white box arrive at the table
Our waiter, KakHabar told us it was the bill and that we should eat it – it actually was edible!!
The amazing tasting menu started with what looked like sweets however in fact were actually savory
The first wine we start with is a refreshing Freixenet Vintage Especial Rose Cava
A lollipop arrives made with olive oil and salt from the area
Next comes an amazing gumdrop made with vinegar
Dessert black olives and tomato follow
Another delightful wine arrives to accompany the food
The next course looks like a coffee, cognac and a cigar however……..

The appetisers arrive
More interesting wine to taste
Fortunately all the amazing main dishes we tried were tasting size however nevertheless this was a substantial lunch, which on should enjoy over several hours, as we did!!


Prawn salad
The Ebro Delta
Mackerel with Elvers
More delicious wine
Cuttlefish cannelloni
Skate with seafood sauce
….and more wine
Eel with garlic
Next is a tuna hot dog
Hamburgers and fries
Roast chicken
Crunchy cannelloni
Time to have a rest before dessert
….. and stretch the legs outside

The delightful restaurant garden
I met a lovely friendly couple outside who had just finished their lunch and naturally we compared notes
Time to return to the restaurant for dessert to find a wonderful glass of Freixenet Malvasia Cava

The very talented chef who produced such amazing food
Carob bean magnun to finish an extraordinary dining experience
KakHabar our excellent waiter
We head back to Sant Carles de la Rapita passing a local granite mine

Looking towards the Montsia Mountains bordering Sant Carles de la Rapita

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