2017-07-17 Hotel Placa Vella, Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain

Early morning distant water view from hotel balcony
The bar which operates into the early hours is now closed for the day
Looking up the street towards our hotel
Restaurants are preparing tables for the lunchtime patrons 
It is a pleasant 15 minute walk to the marina
Sant Carles Marina where the Tangaroa has been stored since last September
The marina is quite substantial which has vessels of all sizes
The marina which was built in 2009 houses around 700 boats
I head out on the pontoon where the Tangaroa has been berthed since going into the water last week
There is a lot of work to be done on the Tangaroa before she is ready for departure
The workmen are busy cleaning the fuel, due to the fact that over the past couple of years we had unfortunately picked up a fuel bug somewhere!!
Most of the motorboats along the pontoon where we the Tangaroa is situated are British owned
After a brief visit to the Tangaroa, I leave Ric with the workmen and I head back towards the town
Nearby is the working port of Sant Carles de la Rapita
The old port houses a large flotilla of fishing boats which provide an endless supply of fish and seafood to the town and surrounding area
Numerous restaurants and bars can be found along the foreshore
After a quick visit to the information center I was armed with many brochures on my departure
Friendly cafes are situated on many corners!!
With the weather so hot in the mid 30’s and no breeze, walking back to the hotel was a little tedious
Again I pass the sister hotel to the one we are staying in
Finally Hotel Placa Vella and the thought of an air conditioned room comes into view!!
In the evening around 8.30 pm which is too early for most, we head off out to dinner
We decide to stop and have a drink before dinner. Ric has a beer and I have been given a massive vodka martini!!!
Once again we venture back to our favourite restaurant, Taverna Dalmau
As we arrived, Ernesto, as always was very busy in his kitchen
Ric orders a nice red to accompany our dinner
We start with a fabulous sardine on delicious baked bread
The next course to share is the grilled octopus
The cod served in a seafood sauce was amazing
The fresh fig, chocolate and ice cream dessert was perfect to finish our dinner
Time to head back to our hotel before midnight!!

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