2016-10-01 to 2016-10-07 Hotel Dar Rhizlane Marrakesh, Morocco to London, KL, Manila, KL, Melbourne and Hobart

With our taxi arriving to take us to the airport, unfortunately our wonderful visit to the Hotel Dar Rhizlane and the amazing city of Marrakesh has come to an end
We pass all the amazing sites we have visited in the past 6 days including a couple of camels waiting patiently for their first customers!!
It was not long before we arrived at the Marrakesh Airport for our flight to London
By the time we arrived in our hotel in Manila after flying from Marrakesh to London Gatwick Airport, then 2 hours by bus to Heathrow, followed by a flight to KL and finally another flight to Manila, we had been travelling 36 hours non stop
Good view of Makati, the business centre of Manila, from our hotel
Quite an impressive lobby 
One of the pleasant lunch restaurants in the hotel
Buffet lunch today
Lots of seafood choices here

Across the park in the heart of Makati we visit a business in one of the high rise buildings nearby

View of our hotel from one of the buildings we visited
Good nibbles in the Club Lounge back at the hotel in the evening!!
Dinner with Marx tonight
Another evening we have an early dinner with the staff of New Wave Offices at one of their favourite local restaurants

This morning we fly back to KL, then to Melbourne and finally back to Hobart arriving home in the morning on the 7th October – another long haul!!



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