2016-09-27 Hotel Dar Rhizlane Marrakesh, Morocco

This morning we organise a local tour guide to show us some of the sights of Marrakesh for a few hours
A traditional water-carrier of Marrakesh
A lone stork
We visit the Saadian Tombs
66 members of the Saadian dynasty who ruled over Marrakesh between 1524 and 1668 are buried here
Ric with our tour guide, Abdul admiring the zellij tile work of the building that houses some of the tombs
On foot we explore some of the busy streets nearby
The local butcher selling camel meat
Piles of fresh herbs for sale
We pass a  fish market in a small square
Anyone for bananas or pears?

A great supply of spices
All our favourite fresh vegetables sold here!!
Ric and our friendly guide Abdul
Our next stop is visiting the busy Palais Bahia
Wonderful wood and zellij tile work can be seen throughout the rooms of the palace with this room belonging to one of the Sultan’s favourite mistresses
The Palace has wonderful gardens and internal courtyards
Ric & Helve at the Palais Bahia
Preparations were being done at Palais Bahia for the coming G20 conference being held in Marrakesh in mid November
Abdul takes us to a local bakery
Local families and restaurants deliver their prepared bread dough in baskets or on trays which are then baked in the oven by the bakers for a fee
We arrive in the the large main square, Place Jemaa El-Fna
Nearby is a the well known Souk Smarine with it’s narrow covered pathways
Thousands of shops selling all types of goods from Morrocan slippers to hardware goods can be found in the many Souks in Morocco
Abdul takes us to visit a Moroccan local who has a hot oven and appears to be cooking some dishes in covered pots
We continue on through some interesting backs streets
More popular herbs and spices
It is lunch time and the local children are being collected from school by their parents and relatives

We arrive at the ‘Maison de la Photographie’
We enjoyed viewing the amazing portrait photography displayed in several rooms over two floors
On the rooftop of the gallery was a small quaint Moroccan restaurant
The view over the city with it’s minarets, roof tops, palms and sea of sattelite dishes was spectacular
Abdul orders some local dishes for us to try for lunch
We sampled delicious meat balls with cheese and spicy sauce and fabulous eggplant and tomato salads
Our next destination was a visit to the Medersa Ben Youssef
Medersa Ben Youssef was one of the largest and finest Koranic schools which had capacity for up to 900 students
The tiled entrance hall behind the spectacular bronze door to the well respected Islamic college that was founded in the mid 14th century and closed in 1960
We continue further with our guide Abdul along more paths and interesting alleyways
We pass food vendors
……baskets and lanterns
…….pretty archways
We make our way back to a taxi rank near one of the main squares
After several interesting hours of exploring some of the wonderful Moroccan sights with Abdul, together with a lot of walking, we are on our way back to our hotel
We arrive at the attractive entrance to the Hotel Dar Rhizlane
Rose petals cover the water in all the attractive tiled ponds throughout the gardens of the hotel
For a swim and some relaxation we unwind on one of the double lounges around the hotel pool
A wonderful view lying back looking at the attractive setting around us!!
In the evening we enjoy a little cocktail in one of the outdoor sitting areas
We decide that we will once again have dinner in the lovely restaurant in the hotel. Restaurant dar Rhizlane which is a very popular, is often full with so many locals and patrons from other hotels making bookings
Moroccan lamb puff triangles are brought to the table as an appetizer
Ric orders beef with mushrooms
Seafood ravioli was my choice tonight
We finish a wonderful dinner sharing a delicious Moroccan dessert 

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