2016-09-23 Palais Faraj Hotel, Fez, Morocco

We are up early this morning and head off to breakfast
Breakfast is served in one of the rooftop restaurants 
Adjoining the restaurant is a terrace which has a wonderful view over the city
The view over Fez looks amazing from the terrace
Spectacular sunrise over Fez
Looking west through a picture window in the restaurant
From above the swimming pool looks inviting
A small delightful terrace is situated off our room which overlooks the swimming pool
The main entrance to the hotel
The hotel is surrounded by a wall and the entrance to the complex is securely guarded day and night
A driver and a tour guide was organised for the day to take us for a tour around the city
Our first stop is visiting the fortress, Borj Sud
From Borj Sud we look across to our hotel
Hotel Palais Faraj
In the distance from Borj Sud ancient Mosques in the city centre can clearly be seen
On the opposite side of Fez is Borj Nord which houses the Musee des Armes

Nearby is a large old cemetery
A panoramic view of Fez looking to the Merinid Tombs on the hill in the north
The city wall

A visit to a ceramic factory is next
A potter busy at work

Hand painting the ceramics produced in the factory
I reluctantly agreed to have a small Henna design painted on my hand!!
Coloured ceramics at this factory are painstakingly chipped into small shapes by hand to make the traditional Moroccan tables etc
Several artists are at work here today painting ceramic plates
A wonderful selection of local Moroccan ceramics on display
Next we visit the large medina in central Fez
The old city of Fez, Fez El Bali, is the world’s largest car-free urban space and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
We visit the Al-Attarine Madrasa built in 1323 to 1325
We peek into the Zaouia of Moulay Idriss 11, a shrine to the patron saint of the city of Fez
A waterway flows through the medina
There are numerous rug shops in the medina in Fez
There are always plenty of staff ready to help visitors select the right rug!!
A great view from one of the rooftop shops of the sea of satellite dishes on the old stone buildings

The Karaouiyine Mosque established in 859 is one of the oldest in the western Muslim world with the 14th century Bou Inania Medersa in the background
Walking through the narrow laneways of the medina you can pass well laden donkeys and also horses
While our driver goes to prayer he deposits us safely in a restaurant just in case we get lost in the labyrinth of lanes in the medina
We order a delicious plate of vegetables with dips and bread to share
A weaver at work
Argan oil being produced from the cracking of the kernels of the argan tree which is endemic to Morocco
Plenty of herbs and spices for sale here too!!

A visit to see one of the tanneries in Fez is a must do!!
The ancient method of barefoot workers treading skins in dyeing pits still exists however today we must have come during their lunch break!!!
No shortage of shops with plenty of colourful Moroccan slippers in the medina
Plenty of rubbish is dumped into the waterway that passes through the area!!
Before returning to the hotel we go to the Borj Nord to experience the view

One of the few gateways to the city
A heavy load!!
The Royal Palace of Fez (Dar el Makhzen) the 17th century palace in Fez el Jdid is the home to Mohammed VI of Morocco when he’s in the city
After a long day of sightseeing we return to our hotel
Dinner on the terrace for us tonight
We order a couple of traditional tangine dishes
Lamb with prunes and a chicken tangine were our choices tonight

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