2016-09-21 Puerto to Hotel Porto, Sant Carles de La Rapita, Costa Dorada, Spain

Early morning light looking towards yachts on the hard stand in Marina Sant Carles de la Rapita
Looking towards the marina with the Serra Del Montsià mountain range in the background
The well positioned Marina Sant Carles de la Rapita is situated half way between Barcelona and Valencia and in close proximity to the beautiful Balearic Islands
The marina is surrounded by lovely natural parks and is at the edge of an unspoilt traditional Spanish seaside town
After several days of working very hard to prepare the Tangaroa for winter storage, finally the day arrives for the haul out
The gigantic haul out straps are meticulously secured under the Tangaroa
Slowly Tangaroa rises with a lot of creaking and her not so white keel is exposed
Once the boats are moved to the land, the keel is cleaned with a high pressure hose and then the haul out machine moves the boats to their positions on the hard stand area 
Large wooden blocks are positioned securely under the boats and then the straps are removed
At this particular marina the boats are also strapped down for safety (2 at the bow and 2 at the stern) due to strong winds here at times
Once all was secure with the preparation of the boat we could go aboard by ladder and finish our packing
By early evening everything was finally organised on the Tangaroa  so we lowered our suitcases, said goodbye to our home of the past 5 months and left by taxi
After checking into one of the local hotels in the town for the night, we set out for our final Spanish dinner
Very friendly mine host of the small Taberna Dalmau
We order some good Spanish wine to start with
……….and on recommendation from the owner/chef we order a variety of delightful dishes to share
Delicious scampi arrives
Followed by wonderful prawns
Chef busy preparing our next dish
Wonderfully fresh calamari is served on fabulous greens
Next the amazing pork with the figs arrives
Our host insisted we have a nice Spanish sherry to accompany our dessert
A delicious dessert after a delightful experience at Taberna Dalmau

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