2016-09-15 Port Vell, Barcelona to Puerto Sant Carles de La Rapita, Costa Dorada, Spain

An early start for us today from Port Vell after spending a wonderful week exploring Barcelona again
As we motor through the large port we pass many of the sites we had ridden around on our bikes during our visit

Once out of the port we pass many freighters anchored well off shore
Sunrise this morning was well worth getting up early to see

Looking back with the sun and the wind behind us
As we continue down the coast we pass numerous small townships
We pass a cement factory discreetly tucked into a small cove
Nearby is the coastal town of Sitges which is known for it’s busy nightlife and annual film festival
With perfect travelling conditions we have decided to motor all the way to Sant Carles de la Rapita which is where we have booked the Tangaroa to winter this year
Marble mountains can be seen behind the port city of Tarragona which has wonderful ancient Roman ruins, which we intend visiting in the future

After almost 12 hours of motoring from Barcelona we near our destination
The wind had increased and with the shallow water in the area made conditions quite rough as we approached the entrance to the gulf
Once in the gulf we see for the first time the town of Sant Carles de la Rapita
We approached the port and made our way towards the marina which we could see in the distance
For the next 7 months the Tangaroa is going to remain here over the winter
On our late arrival we were instructed to tie up along the pier
We were pleased to arrive after such a long trip from Barcelona

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