2016-09-12 Port Vell, Barcelona, Costa Dorada, Spain

Today we set off on the bikes and plan to follow the coastline up towards the Olympic Port
We cycle past by the iconic Hotel W also known as Hotel Vela
Up to the early 1980’s most of this coastline consisted of old factories, rubble and railway lines. After a major clean up prior to the Olympics there are now 18 hectares of beaches stretching for many kms along the coast
In the summer months the beaches in Barcelona are very popular, especially the ones almost in the heart of the city
The beaches along the coast are adorned with many sculptures with the Estel Ferit (Wounded Star) which is one of the best know
Looking back to Hotel W as we continue along the long walkway/bike track along the coast
A zoomed in shot to show how busy the beaches are here day after day in the warm weather
We continue along to the Olympic Port where we see the giant fish sculpture called “Fish” situated by the Grand casino of Barcelona 
An outdoor gym keeps the fitness fanatics busy at the beach
Another interesting sculpture balancing on the side of a building
The huge Olympic Port
At the Olympic Port there are two tall towers which stand out on the coast, Hotel Arts and the Mapfre Tower
We continue riding north and come to the amazing, massive solar panel in the Forum Park
From the immense panel we overlook the Barcelona International Sailing Port that was a base for some of the water sports during the Olympics

In the Forum Park is the incredible building of the Museu Blau, the Natural Science Museum
Many amazing buildings are situated in the Forum Park such as Hotel Princess Barcelona
Another amazing structure is called Torre Diagonal 00
From Forum Park we head west along Diagonal Avenue where we pass more amazing architecturally challenged buildings

One of the best known Iconic structures is the bullet shaped Agbar Tower

We stop to have a look at the busy market called Mercat dels Encants
We continue on and pass the Jacint Verdaguer Monument in commemoration of the famous Catalan poet
There are no shortage of churches in Barcelona
Plaça de Tetuan a Memorial for Bartomeu Robert after a seige and occupation of Tetuan in Morocco
We return to the Arc de Triomf which was built as a gateway to the World Fair which was held in the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona in 1888
The bubble man!!

The ornate Cascada Monumental Fountain is situated in the northern corner of Parc de la Ciutadella
The Parc de la Ciutadella also has a zoo
…….  and a lake where one can hire small wooden boats to practice one’s rowing skills and enjoy being on the water and escaping the summer’s heat

After another long day of sightseeing we return to the Tangaroa in Port Vell

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