Sunday 1st July 2012 Mirsini, Skhinousa Island to Ormos Langeri, Paros Island

Many Churches by the Water
Boats Tucked into Quiet Little Bays
Another Unfinished Hotel in South West Naxos
Lots of White Beaches but the Sea is Rough
A Nice Bay for a Swim on the East Coast of Paros
Seas Still Rough in Northern Paros
Finally a Sheltered Corner of the Large Bay by Naousa, Paros Island

Another quick departure from our delightful bay on Skhinousa Island to take the advantage of travelling north while conditions were still reasonable. Leaving these lovely islands, we decided we would return in the future when we did not have a time schedule to keep. The next island north was Naxos, a quite large island situated in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Travelling up the west coast we came across very choppy conditions again, so Captain Ric changed course and once again headed into the wind, which was north westerly this time, to make it more comfortable for the journey. This took us across to the east coast of Paros Island which was a good place to stop for a swim and a rest from the once again rough trip. We have come to the conclusion that it has been amazing visiting the beautiful islands of Greece, however getting from one island to another has become somewhat of an ordeal. Most of the sailors one speaks to, aways talks about the wind here! I We know why now! Finally after fighting our way to the top of Paros we found shelter tucked into a corner of the large bay where the beautiful town of Naousa is situated. Looking across to the town later, the bay still looked rough, so we happily remained on anchor in the most private and shelted spot for the night.


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