19th June 2014 Skopelos Town to Skiathos Port by Ferry

001 002 003 004 006 009 012 015 019 021 026 028 030 035 036 038 041 044 045As always, we had a mad rush to get everything ready to catch the ferry to Skiathos where we were going to stay the night before flying directly to Newcastle in England the following day. We had made a booking at the Meltemi Hotel which had a bit of history for one of our prior guests aboard the Tangaroa. It was fitting for us to stay there!! The view from our room was spectacular and it was nice for us to overlook the port and harbour which we usually see from the waterline! Before dinner we took a lovely stroll around the port and had a cocktail in the bar out on the point overlooking the water. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at the Ergon Greek Deli which we had passed a few times before and said we would try in the future.

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