19th July 2013 Guvercinlik to Paradise Bay, Kaziki Limani


Great Mosque
Great Mosque
Overnight in Guvercinlik There was  Only One Other Boat in the Bay
On Our Departure We Passed a few Commercial Boats
Fabulous Scenery in Parts of this Area
Around the Point and More Boxes Covering the Hillsides !!
This Exclusive Mansion Could be Privately Owned or a Beautiful Hotel
Another Hillside Holiday Village
And Around the Next Bay There Were More!!!
Finally a Little Bit of History Approaching Asin Limani with Ancient Lassos in View
The Ruins of a Byzantine Tower Stands at the Eastern Side of the Entrance to the Bay
On the Left Hand Side of the Entrance are Ancient Remains of an Underwater Breakwater which You Must be Aware of When Entering the Asin Port
Tangaroa in Asin Port
Tangaroa in Asin Port
The Eastern Hill of the Asin Port is Covered with the Remains of Ancient Lassus which was Occupied in 900BC
Asin Port
Just a Few Yachts Out Today
Paradise Beach has a Few Small Boats and a Couple of Yachts Moored in the Centre of the Bay
We Chose to Drop Anchor in the Small Deserted Bay Prior to Paradise Bay
This Looks More Like Paradise !! Typical Rocky Beach Though !!
Workers on the Local Fish Farms are Transported Back to Kazikli Village!! I Counted 20 Aboard!!
In the Early Evening Many Small Fishing Boats Gather at the Entrance to Moor there Overnight
After Seeing Our Italian Registration Flag , we got a Surprise Visit from Italian Sailor, Mikael and Daughters Bianca and Gia

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