16th June 2014 Klima to Skopelos Port, Skopelos Island

006 008 014 017 027 035 038 039 040 049 052 059 060 066 068 Northern Sporades Klima to SkopelosThe  wind forecast expected in the next few days was not as promising as we would have liked,  so we made an early departure for Skopelos town. In a few days time we had planned to leave the Tangaroa in the main port of Skopelos and then take a ferry back to Skiathos and then fly to the UK for 3 weeks. Going into the port earlier will give us more time to get organised for our trip away. On our arrival, the port was quite busy with the Skopelos Music Festival being set up for the evening’s entertainment. This evening we had a very pleasant dinner at the Molos Taverna which was also recommended to us by the local English couple that we had met a few days earlier. We stood and watched the entertainment of the Music Festival which continued to late in the evening.

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